The Dungeon Escape Room

Can you escape our dungeon or is your fate sealed?

Our dungeon escape room door awaits. Escape the dungeon before time runs out. Are you ready for Yorkshire’s ultimate locked room puzzle game? Will you lose your cool and find yourself locked in the dark depths of our dungeon?

The King is dead! In the late hours of last night your father, and the King of England, tragically died under suspicious circumstances. Suddenly a troupe of guards, commanded by your cousin, burst into your room while you sleep and take you to the dungeon to lock you up – as the rightful heir to the throne you suspect your cousin is planning on murdering you so he can claim the throne for himself.

Our Dungeon Escape room is perfect for team building events, stag/hen do’s, birthday parties, date night and much more!

**Please note – There is an element of crawling in this dungeon room that is required for all players!

Will you stay locked in the depths of our dark dungeon?

You have 60 minutes to find proof of what he has done and escape before you are taken away and disappear for good!


All of our experiences are priced the same

— 2 people £20pp (£40)
— 3 people £19pp (£57)
— 4 people £18pp (£72)
— 5 people £17pp (£85)
— 6 people £16.50pp  (£99)
— 7 people £16pp (£112)
— 8 people £15.50pp (£124)

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