The Cape Escape Room

It's time to save the world!

So it turns out super heros have been living among us for as long as we can tell, and we happen to have a memory of someone that infiltrated one of these super hero’s homes in order to save the world – it seemed to be quite a difficult task, and a little bit of a waste of time as the information they found has been misplaced. No problem though, we’ll just send you back into that memory as we’re sure you’ll be able to complete the near impossible task of breaking the security systems to save the world once more!

You have 60 minutes to break into our super hero’s flat, break into the super secure room and save the world!


All of our experiences are priced the same

— 2 people £25pp (£50)
— 3 people £20pp (£60)
— 4 people £20pp (£80)
— 5 people £20pp (£100)
— 6 people £19pp  (£114)
— 7 people £18pp (£126)

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What they say about our escape rooms...

      We did the murder mystery room and had a fantastic time. We were a team of 8 there was plenty to keep us occupied in there. Would definitely recommend, helpful... read more


      Amazing!!! The rooms was incredible and the clues was AMAZING!! Ash our staff member to help us out and show us around she was so lovely took such good care... read more


      As an escape room enthusiast I enjoyed this one, did the murder mystery room as a pair and escaped with seven minutes to spare. There were a lot of locks... read more