Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in an escape room?

You are locked in a room and have to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to escape in the 60 minute time limit! You will have to work as a team in this exciting race against the clock to stand a chance of escaping in time!

Are the games private?

Yes. Once you make a booking that time slot will be blocked out so no other groups are able to book, and it will just be your team in the room.

Is this a good corporate team building exercise?

Absolutely! One of the best things about escape rooms is that team building is essential to make sure you and your team are able to get out in time, it’s also accessible to people of all ages.

Who normally plays these games?

We don’t think there is a “typical” escape room player; it’s for people from all walks of life, from family day’s out and date nights, to corporate team building events and stag/hen dos.

Are there any age restrictions?

All our games (with the exception of “Cabin in the Woods”) are designed for players aged 12 and over, but we have had children aged 3-4 years old go in our rooms with adults. If your whole group is under 16 then we ask for an adult to be onsite, but they don’t necessarily need to go into the room, e.g. we regularly run birthday games for under 16’s where we just ask for an adult to be onsite.

For “Cabin in the Woods” we recommend a minimum of 16 years old to play as it’s our scary room with some live actor elements. 

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Absolutely! We are able to sell gift vouchers for either a set value, or for a certain number of players – please email info@stuckintheriddle.com for more information or to organise purchasing a gift voucher.

What happens if I want to cancel?

We run a live game event, so unfortunately don’t offer cancellations, however, we can sometimes accommodate rescheduling your booking if advised at least 7 days before the date of your booking.

Are any of the rooms scary?

Some of our rooms may be scary, the room description should give you an idea of whether or not it is, but if you’re unsure please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to advise you.

Are there actors, or does anyone jump out at you?

Our Cabin in the Woods may have elements of jump scares from a live scare actor, but the other rooms are perfectly safe!

I am pregnant, can I still play?

We would not advise playing our Cabin in the Woods escape room as there are a number of jump scares, but our other rooms are all safe and should be manageable when pregnant, but if you’re unsure for any reason please contact us to discuss further.

What should I wear?

All our rooms are specially designed and are clean and tidy (at the beginning!) so we recommend wearing comfortable clothes, and sensible footwear – the rooms are sometimes dimly lit or completely dark, with some uneven floors, so we recommend against high heels!

What time should we arrive?

We ask all players to get to site 10 minutes before your time slot to make sure we have enough time to give a full briefing and explain how everything works. If you are late, it may mean you don’t have the full 60 minutes in the room.

Are there toilets onsite?

Yes, we’re not animals…