TestRun Escape Room

Are you ready to test your skills and be the best?

We’re pitching for a new memory implant contract, and it’s a biggie, hopefully we might make some money if we bag this one!

As part of the tender process, we have to put forward a quick, fearless, resilient and intelligent team. We didn’t know anyone off the top of our head, so we’ve dusted off an old asssessment system we used to use back in the 80’s. The system is a bit different to our experiments in that there’s probably more than a team could possibly do, but all puzzles are worth points, and the team with the highest score at the end of the hour will be crowned the best of the best!

Assemble your best team mates and get ready for a frantic hour of solving puzzles; you have 60 minutes to score as many points as possible!

Our Escape rooms are perfect for team building events, stag/hen do’s, birthday parties, date night and much more!


All of our experiences are priced the same

— 2 people £25pp (£50)
— 3 people £22pp (£66)
— 4 people £20pp (£80)
— 5 people £20pp (£100)
— 6 people £20pp  (£120)
— 7 people £20pp (£140)
— 8 people £20pp (£160)

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TestRun Stuck in the Riddle  We recently visited Stuck in the riddle after my friend hearing good reviews. We arrived and were greeted by a lovely friendly gentleman (sorry forgot your name) who asked out... read more

TestRun Stuck in the Riddle
August 3, 2021

TestRun Stuck in the Riddle  First time doing an escape room and honestly loved it. We did Cabin in the Woods since we're pretty big horror buffs and had a really good time. Jake was... read more

TestRun Stuck in the Riddle
June 8, 2021

TestRun Stuck in the Riddle  We did the murder room. Great fun, even though we didn’t get out and some great original puzzles.
The best escape room out of the 4 we have done... read more

August 14, 2023