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Top Tips For Being Successful At Escape Rooms

No two Escape Rooms are identical, and each presents its own puzzles for you to solve before the time runs out. However, whether you’re solving a murder mystery, uncovering a serial killer whilst trapped in their cabin in the woods, or whether you’re trying to save the world, there are some strategies that you can bring into play that will help you regardless of the challenges you face.

If you’re planning on visiting our Huddersfield Escape Room, here are some tips and tricks that’ll give you the best chances of success.

Get The Right Team On Board

Before you even head off to an Escape Room, make sure you’ve got the right team on side. Not only do you need your group to be people that you get on well with, but you also need a team of good thinkers and communicators.

Whenever possible, you need to get together a set of people who have diverse minds and who have a range of specialities so that you can better tackle a greater selection of puzzles. If you can, try to ensure that no big egos are in your party, otherwise you’re going to end up arguing rather than cooperating.

Wear The Right Clothing

Style and glamour go out of the door when you go to an Escape Room. Remember, you may have to climb ladders, crawl on the floor or go through a secret passageway- and that’s not something that you’re going to want to do in a pair of designer jeans!

Choose loose fitting clothes so you can move easily, and wear comfortable shoes – you don’t want to have to worry about tripping over in your stilettoes!

Start By Carrying Out A Search

This is an important tactic to keep in mind, whatever kind of Escape Room you’re visiting – always search the room the moment the door closes behind you. What are you looking for? Well, anything that looks like it could be useful or of interest, such as patterns, objects and symbols. They could be anywhere, from the ceiling to the floor and anywhere in between, so make sure to look carefully at any shelves, cupboards, walls and other surfaces. Make sure to use everyone in your group to help with this, spreading out to get the job done more quickly.

Stay Organised

During your room search you’ll inevitably find a whole lot of interesting items and objects. While some of them will be vital to your escape, others will have no use whatsoever, however keeping all of the clues you discover organised will make it easier to use them at the right time.

If you can track all of the items that you’ve used and the order in which you discovered them, you’ll save yourself time in the long run. Form one pile of objects you’ve used already and a different one for any items which you haven’t used yet, but remember that sometimes you might need to use an object more than once.

Appoint A Time Keeper

Your phone may well be prohibited from the room to prevent anyone posting about their experience on social media and ruining it for future visitors, but make sure that at least one person in your group as a watch so they can check how much time you have left.

Communication Is Key

Groups who manage to escape aren’t those who have players that shout loudly or who boss the other team members around. They’re the ones who work together as a team and who communicate effectively. It can be tempting to end up trying to go it alone if you’re worried the rest of your group are slowing you down, but in the end, the more you work together as a group the more likely you are to be successful.

Don’t Miss The Obvious

When you start a game you’re bound to be excited and that can lead to you sometimes missing something essential that’s staring you in the face! Not every puzzle has a complex answer, and even if a feature of the room seems to be too obvious to be of assistance, it’s always worth trying the simple solution first.

Don’t Spend Too Long On A Single Puzzle

It’s very common for players to ending up getting stuck at some point. However, if you find that your entire group doesn’t know how to resolve a particular problem, there’s no point in standing around wasting time. Instead try to resolve a different puzzle and there’s a good chance that the resolution to the original problem will present itself while you make progress on something new.

Think Like The Room Designer

Every Escape Room has been designed by someone, and if you’re able to try to think like that person, you might find that the room’s flow may become immediately more obvious. No matter what type of room you’re playing in, the designer created it to have an intuitive solution, so think about why features have been placed in the room, and whether some of them are clues. Be open minded and you’ll be better able to see the answer.

Have Fun

It might sound obvious, but you go to an Escape Room to have fun, so don’t take it all too seriously.  Surprising number of players get stressed and panicky, and that stops them from thinking coherently. While it’s true that you’re trying to beat the clock, you’re also trying to have a good time with your friends. Relax and enjoy the experience and you’ll get a lot more out of it.

Now you’ve got an insider’s guide to how to beat an Escape Room, you’ll be in a better position to get out successfully. By staying calm, working closely together as a team and keeping your clues well organised, you’ll have the best possible chance of being a winner. Are you ready to try an Escape Room for yourself? Then visit the Stuck In The Riddle Huddersfield Escape Room and try your hand at solving our mind-boggling puzzles for yourself!

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