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10 Group Events That An Escape Room Is Perfect For

If you’ve been charged with the task of organising a group event in the West Yorkshire area, you’re probably wondering what on Earth to plan. Finding something that suits a range of age groups, personalities and tastes, as well as something that’s fun and engaging for everyone can be a massive challenge.

While partying to the early hours at a club would probably be ideal for the 18-30 crowd in your party, it probably isn’t the best choice for Gran! At the same time, a smart afternoon tea at an upmarket hotel might be right up the street of the older attendees but would probably leave the teenagers less than enthused. Luckily, there’s a perfect solution – an Escape Room in Huddersfield!

So, what kind of group events would be perfect for an Escape Room Experience? Let’s take a look!

1.The Perfect Birthday Party

Whether you’re arranging a 60th birthday party or a 16th, you can be certain that the birthday boy or girl is going to love an Escape Room experience. It can be difficult to come up with something a little bit different or unique for a birthday celebration, so if you’re keen to do something unusual rather than simply booking a table at a local restaurant yet again, what could be a better idea than getting friends and family together to try to find their way out of a medieval dungeon?!

2.An Exciting Hen Night Or Stag Do

There’s been a trend in recent years for stag do’s and hen nights to involve something a little more interesting and engaging than simply heading out for a night on the tiles with a learner sign and having too much to drink!

That means if you’re the poor bridesmaid or best man who’s been given the job of arranging this all-important event you have the responsibility of finding something fun and exciting- something that people are actually going to remember in the morning and for years to come. Not an easy challenge in anybody’s book!

An Escape Room ticks all the boxes. It’s something completely different from everything else on offer, that everyone can join in with, and it’s certainly going to be something that the lucky bride or groom remembers for a lifetime.

3.The Ultimate Team Building Activity

Team building activities used to be a novelty, but now they’re pretty commonplace as businesses strive to build ‘company spirit’. Is there any company out there that hasn’t arranged at least one team building event for staff new and old? Unfortunately, most of them involve building rafts or struggling through obstacle courses – not everyone’s cup of tea.

An Escape Room is the ideal alternative. Perhaps the best thing about an Escape Room is that it forces the group to work closely with each other, encouraging cooperation skills and plenty of human interaction. They’ll accomplish in just an hour more than they could in a whole day of finding a way to drop an egg 8-feet without breaking it!

4.Get Together With Friends

What do you really want from a get together with your friends? Fun? Laughter? Interaction? Excitement? Thrills? You’ll get all of that and more from our Escape Rooms in Huddersfield. What’s the point of spending time with your mates at the cinema where you don’t get to talk to each other, or at a club where you can’t hear each other over the music?

At an Escape Room, you can really spend time working with each other and benefiting from each other’s skills and abilities- and having a great laugh while doing it. It’s sure to bring you closer together as a group.

5.A Unique Organisation Social Event

From the Women’s Institute to the local amateur dramatics society, organisations everywhere regularly arrange social events for their members. All too often, these are rather staid and dull affairs involving a formal dinner.

Forget the traditional and try something a little unusual for your society this year in our Yorkshire Escape Rooms. There’s no better way for members to get to know each other a little better than when working together to solve a problem before the time runs out!

6. A Retirement Party – The True Escape

What could be better for someone who’s finally escaping the workplace and the rat race than a retirement party in an Escape Room?! Rather than simply heading off to the pub for a few drinks at the end of the working day, say goodbye to your colleague in a fun and interactive way by working with them to escape from a dungeon (and we don’t mean the office – honest!)

7. A Christmas Party With A Difference

The annual work Christmas party. All too often it’s something that we look forward to with dread rather than anticipation. The prospect of having to sit next to the boss at dinner and having to make polite conversation with the office bore can be a less than stellar prospect. Luckily, an Escape Room is the perfect alternative, so why not have some festive fun with a difference solving a murder mystery.

8. Family Reunions

Get the entire family together at an experience that’s suitable for all ages. An Escape Room is so interactive that it’ll even prise the teens away from their iPhones and you never know, Grandma and Grandad could even save the day (put it down to all those decades spent solving The Times crossword puzzle!). It’s a great way to catch up if you haven’t seen each other in a while.

9. The Best Corporate Event

Companies are always trying to outdo each other to find the most exciting and unusual corporate events to impress clients. An Escape Room is quickly becoming the obvious choice for many. The ideal ice-breaker, having to work closely together to solve problems will get the group talking, and the fun factor is sure to leave lasting positive memories in the delegates’ minds – just the goal you were hoping to achieve.

10. What About A School Trip?

If your memories of school trips were all about wandering around crumbling ruins or being dragged to the beach on the rainiest day of the year, you’ll probably want to plan something a little more engaging for your class. Ideal for teens aged 14 and above, they’ll be learning valuable educational skills through problem-solving, literacy, word puzzles, team-work and more without even realising it in an Escape Room.

So, there you have it, ten fantastic group events that one of our Escape Rooms in Huddersfield would be perfect for. Of course, you don’t have to be part of a big group to enjoy the excitement – as few as two people can book a game, so why not come for your next date night?

Our rooms have a limit of 8 people per game, but as we have multiple rooms larger groups can split up and see which team can escape their room the fastest! It’s great fun and adds an extra dimension to the game itself and really puts the pressure on- in the most fun way, of course!

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