the rise and fall of escape rooms

The Rise and Rise of Escape Rooms

You need to break in to a super hero’s flat in order to save the world, or you’re the innocent victim in danger of being arrested for killing someone in a murder mystery, or you need to uncover a mystery serial killer whilst trapped in a cabin in the woods… where else can you experience this kind of excitement and escapism but in an Escape Room?

It’s no secret that Escape Rooms have taken the world by storm over the last few years, but why are they so popular?

The Rise of The Escape Room

Back in 2004, a video game was invented which was to turn the world of team entertainment upside down. Toshimitsu Tokagi created a game called “The Crimson Room” – the first ever escape game to be invented. Others followed hot on its heels, and the genre became so popular that three years later, a Japanese company called SCRAP took the concept to the next level, turning it into a fully immersive live game in a real-world environment.

Players were put in a themed room where they would solve puzzles in order to escape in a set timeframe. The first real world escape room was a hit, and more appeared around Asia before spreading to Europe and the USA. Today, there are escape rooms everywhere, and countless cities all over the globe offer at least one to entertain keen teams of problem solvers.

Yet, whether you’re visiting an Escape Room in Yorkshire, or one in New York, you can still enjoy the same amazing interactive experience, and it’s no wonder that so many people worldwide crave the excitement that it can offer.

The Unique And Exciting

Perhaps the main reason why Escape Rooms are becoming ever-more widespread has to be because they offer something truly unique and exciting. Completely out of the ordinary, and a whole lot more interesting than yet another trip to the cinema or round of drinks with mates in the pub, an Escape Room is the ideal group activity and is perfect for all kinds of occasions.

Great for friends, families or even for corporate events, they are so versatile that they can be the perfect fit for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, going out on a date, getting the family together or running a team building event, what could be a more unusual and interactive experience than an Escape Room?

Sheer Escapism

As humans, we’re all looking for a bit of escapism now and then to lift us out of our humdrum lives and into a world where we can do amazing things that would be impossible in real life.

One way in which we can do this is to watch movies and pretend that we’re the protagonist, but no matter how much you love a particular movie, you can only watch it so many times before you start to feel that you’ve been there and seen that.

However, a lot of escape rooms have a structure which is highly reminiscent of a pop culture phenomenon or movie franchise. imagine being able to physically join in the action of your favourite movie genre, having a connection to it and being able to become an active participant.

You won’t have to just watch a murder mystery any more, you can be part of it, solving the problems just like Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot.

The Mental Challenge

While we all love to vegetate on the sofa from time to time binge watching the latest Netflix series, sometimes we all need a little mental challenge to keep us engaged and on our toes. While you could always try to solve the newspaper crossword puzzle or watch Countdown on repeat, neither of those things are as much fun as going to an actual Escape Room.

And what could be more mentally challenging that trying to find clues, open locks and solve puzzles that would give Einstein a run for his money?

A Self-Esteem Boost

Too many of us lack self-esteem and self-confidence in our everyday lives, but when you take part in an Escape Room you can really feel good about yourself when you solve a puzzle or find the clue that helps you to beat the clock.

The Social Connection

If you’re sick of the sight of your family or friends with their faces stuck in their smartphone screen or glued to their laptop, it’s time to drag them off the sofa and into an Escape Room.

We all need some human interaction in our lives, and an Escape Room scenario forces you all to communicate more effectively, to cooperate and to help each other to reach your common goal of getting out before the time runs out.

Whether you win or lose, the bonding experience is unparalleled and will bring you all closer than ever before.

The Satisfaction Of The Win

If you do manage to escape, the sense of satisfaction is hard to beat. If your greatest sense of achievement so far has come from finally getting to the end of your Game of Thrones binge-watching marathon, you’ll be blown away by the feeling of accomplishment that you’ll get when you get through that door before your 60 minutes is up. We all need more satisfaction in our lives, so it’s easy to see why Escape Rooms have soared in popularity in just the last couple of years.

There are around 3000 Escape Rooms all around the world, and the numbers are on the rise. Covering diverse themes encompassing everything from history to horror, there’s an Escape Room to suit everyone.

If you’re ready to try out an Escape Room for yourself and to find out what all the fuss is about, book your slot at our Escape Room in Huddersfield and see if you can find your way out of one of our thrilling themed rooms before your hour is up. Each room can accommodate between 2 and 8 players, or why not bring a bigger group and play against each other in separate rooms for an extra competitive twist!

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